Why should you learn digital marketing before 2021?

The term digital marketing is everywhere and the exposure it has received, traditional marketing is slowing leaving the game. Customers are all online and wandering around the internet in search of products and services. 

Such customers may just be the prospective customers’ businesses are looking for but not finding with their offline strategies. 

This increases the need for online or digital marketing! 

You must have received numerous emails by several digital marketing institutes in Kolkata requesting you to enrol with them. However, you must have been avoiding the mails most of the time. 

But, ask yourself, have you been doing the right thing by avoiding the mails? Well, it is understood that you cannot respond to all, but do you think not considering digital marketing as a career option in a situation as such is justified?

Considering the current pandemic scenario, where the offline operation is just not profitable and the lockdown is destroying the market at a bigger level, businesses are going online. This increase in the online operation is increasing the demand for digital marketers, creating a pool of vacancy for the ones mastering the skill. 

Digital marketing institutes in Kolkata are going out of their way to educate the aspirants and fill the skill gap that the industry holds.  

One such institute is Academy Busfam, trying their level best to contribute to the betterment of the industry by training the aspirants and providing budding talent to the domain. 

In case you are still pondering or reasoning the need of taking up digital marketing as your career, this write-up may be of much help. 


Various career option 

The spectra of digital marketing are vast and you can choose to secure a career in – 

  1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization 

  2. Social Media Marketing

  3. Social Media Optimization 

  4. Content Marketing 

  5. Video Marketing 

  6. Email Marketing 

  7. App Store Optimization 

 Analyse your area of interest and choose from a vast range of digital marketing courses to groom yourself for the domain. 

Unsure of the field you should opt for?

Get in touch with Academy Busfam – a leading digital marketing institute in Kolkata for a counselling session and we shall guide you into understanding what to choose and what to avoid.  

In demand 

The demand for digital marketers is always on the rise. As per a survey, around 69% of companies believe in digital marketing and is going to hire more marketers for their promotions. 

Besides, there is a huge gap between the supply and demand for digital marketers. While the demand percentage stands at 59%, the availability rate of digital marketers is counting up to just 19%, creating a vast career opportunity for you. 

If you look around, most of the companies are searching for competent and professionally trained digital marketers who would support their digital marketing better than the best. 

This need creates the pressing requirement to enrol with the digital marketing institutes in Kolkata for a quality-driven training and secured placement. 

Better growth prospects 

Considering the growth rate of digital marketing which is counted to be 10 times more than offline marketing, the ones who master the skill have a better career growth prospect than the ones who lack proper training in the said subject.  

Companies are aware of the benefits of digital marketing and are making all the necessary investments to either hire a digital marketing firm or go out of their way and have an in-house team of their own. 

This suggests the trained digital marketers can either secure jobs with the leading digital marketing agencies in Kolkata or be a part of the in-house digital marketing team of some leading company of the different domain. In anyways, it’s your career who has better prospects and opportunities.  

Supports entrepreneurs 

While you can promote some other business you can do yours too! 

Digital marketing being the prime key to every promotion, you can yourself build up a business of your own and support its digital marketing. There is no such rule that you only have to be in the digital marketing industry and have a business in the same field (although it is one of the prospective options if you know the domain well and have mastered the skill). If you are better off with some other domain you can for sure go ahead with your business. However, you can get the promotions done by yourself. 

Additionally, entrepreneurs can also choose to enrol with digital marketing institutes in Kolkata if they wish to get their business’s digital marketing done by themselves. This not only saves the cost of setting up a full-fledged team but also helps you in customizing your promotions as per your domain and likings. 

Last but not the least, keeping in mind the commendable future of digital marketing, the ones trained can secure better pay and job stability by 2021. Just enrol with the digital marketing institutes in Kolkata and secure your career. 

Not sure which way to head for?

Academy Busfam is your destination!