Why is Digital Marketing Becoming Popular?

Why Is Digital Marketing Becoming Popular?

A career in digital marketing is a great option as of 2022. As the world begins to live its life online, people are more receptive to the things they see on the internet than in the real world.

They are spending more than a quarter of their waking time on the net browsing through social media posts, reels and stories.

So isn’t it obvious to market to them while they are online?

That’s how digital marketing began in the 1990s. Right now, the industry has boomed and is reaching its peak. However, there is a tremendous gap in the demand and supply of digital marketers.

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5 Reasons Digital Marketing Is Becoming Popular

Check out these 5 reasons why digital marketing is becoming popular today!

  • People are Online Most of the Time

Around 77% of people have smartphones. They spend around 4 hours a day online. Given such numbers, doesn’t it make sense to take the marketing online? After all, one must capture the audience wherever they go, hence, ever since the marketplace went online, marketing when online too.


  • It is Affordable

Compared to traditional mass media like hoardings, and television ads, digital ads are more affordable. You can easily market on social media like Instagram, YouTube and Google for the fraction of the cost as you would on traditional mass media.  

  • It is Easy to Advertise

It is easier to advertise on social media, as your target audience is more likely to be found there. Moreover, you can control the performance of your ads properly in a dynamic fashion. Hence, digital marketing is the way forward.

  • Build Targeted Campaigns

You can collect data about your target audience easily online. Hence, you can custom create advertisements which simplify marketing. Having a targeted campaign means you get a better ROI and warm-up leads that are not converting.

  • Establish Your Brand Authority

Digital marketing is the perfect space for building brand authority. You can communicate with customers and clients on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, post interesting insights and gain a following. All in a day’s work for branding!

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