Which Is the Best Content Marketing Course in Kolkata?

Which Is the Best Content Marketing Course in Kolkata?

Content marketing courses are all the rage in Kolkata now and it is not hard to understand why!

In this blog, we will tell you why they are gaining popularity and which is the best content marketing course in Kolkata.

Find out today!

Why is There A Demand For Content Marketing Courses in Kolkata?

Digital marketing has been trending since the lockdown.

That’s when businesses began to realise the importance of having an online presence, as there was no other way to connect with their audiences stuck at home.

Hence, companies started getting into web development, social media marketing, and other aspects of internet marketing to bridge this widening gap between them and their clientele.

Unfortunately, to satiate this demand, there weren’t many trained individuals and only a handful of marketing companies in Kolkata and other metropolises.

Meanwhile, most digital marketing courses were bogus, money-making schemes, that left the course taker without any clue into the actual industry.

It was under this backdrop, that the two founders of Academy BUSFAM decided to start a content marketing course in Kolkata. The aim was simple. They wanted to impart the best content marketing knowledge out there in the hopes of training youngsters into supplying this gap. That’s how Academy BUSFAM’s content marketing course became the best content marketing course in Kolkata, ready to compete with the rest of the country’s content marketing courses.

Modules of Content Marketing Course in Academy BUSFAM Kolkata

Here are some of the modules that the content marketing course in Kolkata from Academy BUSFAM offers. Take a look at it and check to see if it fits your requirements.

How to Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar is an overview of all the content you are going to post that month on behalf of a client. You can organise this on an Excel sheet, an app, or on Google Calendar. Hence, at Academy BUSFAM, they will teach you how to create this calendar. That doesn’t sound like much does it?

If you thought creating a content calendar was easy, think again! To create an effective calendar that actually ticks off all the month’s agenda, you need to plan at least a month in advance. You need to have the keywords, strategy, target audience, and much more in mind.

How to Have a Content Strategy in Place

First, we start by deciding on what is that month’s content strategy. The content strategy stems from what you want to achieve for the month. Do you want a greater engagement? Or more views? Or likes? What is the metric by which you will measure that you are successful?

Once, you decide on this strategy, you can start planning the blogs, articles, web 2.0s and other aspects of the content for the month.

How to Create the Perfect Blog

Relevant and valuable blogs are the cornerstone of content marketing. According to Statista, companies spend around 500,000 to 5,000,000 dollars a year on creating content. With so much money being pumped into the industry, content marketers need to churn out top-quality blogs. This is because Google or any other search engine will rank only the most relevant blogs that will result in drawing the major traffic.

Hence, our content marketing course teaches you from scratch how to create content to rank for particular keywords. Blog writing is an art and a science that is the most crucial aspect of content marketing. Hence, the focus of our course is on this aspect of content marketing.

How to Handle Social Media

Another aspect of content marketing that is equally vital, is handling social media. Deciding what to post on social media is of key importance. Never copy social media content but create unique, catchy, and engaging content that is relevant for your industry. The course will also teach you to create memes, social media content, reels, and videos.

Moreover, the course will explain how to post on social media and other aspects of social media handling.

How to Place Keywords

The last essential thing that the best content marketing course in Kolkata will teach you is how to use and place keywords. Keywords are foundational stones of digital marketing. When you search for something on the Internet, it’s called a keyword. Google tries to understand the user intent behind the keyword and shows results based on that. Hence, accommodating keywords in the content will help it rank better on SERPs.


These were some of the core modules of a content marketing course in Kolkata. If it has piqued your interest and you are eager to join the course, check out more on this website.

We guarantee that you will receive a comprehensive knowledge of everything you ever wanted to know about content marketing.