Top 5 Challenges that you will face as a Digital marketing Fresher

The advantages of digital marketing are not left unknown. And the fact that digital marketers are in raging demand is also not hidden. Be it in a hard-core marketing agency or a part of the in-house team of a different nature of the business, you can seek a digital marketing job in Kolkata as per the vacancy (which is always on the rise due to the increase in the need for professional digital marketing). 

So this is just the right chance for you to secure your career and reach your goal. Learning digital marketing not only gives you employment opportunities but also supports the entrepreneurial qualities within you. 

Not only your future but also your business can benefit from the knowledge you obtain from undergoing professional training in digital marketing. 

However, you must have heard that “life is not as easy as it seems”. Keeping aside the demand and the huge career perspective there are certain challenges that digital marketing freshers might have to face.  

To prepare you for the upcoming days, this write-up has combined some of the challenges that you might have to face as a fresher. 

Not to worry, we have got you covered and have mentioned some of the ways to overcome the challenges as well. 

Let’s begin…    

#1 Referrals 

You are new to the industry and hence may not be able to find effective referrals to the brand’s website. This is considered as one of the top career challenges for a fresher. You for sure want your customers to click on your ads or social posts and take purchase actions. 

Do not panic if you do not get your result soon. Be rest assured your mentor did not get theirs as well. Considering the competitive digital space referrals will take a bit of time. 

What to do then? 

Consider tweaking your add to get higher click-throughs. Also, make sure you have an effective social copy that would include a call to action, will be short, specific and sharp, attractive and convincing enough to your customers. 

The best solution is to enrol yourself with digital marketing classes and learn proper copy strategies. Practice with several posts to understand how you can make your copy better than the best. Analyse your data dedicatedly to understand which copy gets more click-throughs and why. 

#2 Convincing your brand that they need to spend more

While digital marketers are creative people, the biggest challenge they face is to convince your client that they need to invest a bit more money to ensure that “wow factor”. No matter how small the digital marketing agency of the brand is, digital marketers are inclined towards thinking of a bigger and better picture and imagining that oomph that would separate the concerned brand from the rest. 

This might sometimes need a higher investment that the said brand may not be opened to spend. 


As mentioned before, digital marketers are creative people, you have secured your digital marketing job in Kolkata because of your uniqueness and creativity. In case you feel too to receive considerable investments you can for sure do with whatever you have. Consider videos that are now in trend and can do wonders to your digital marketing campaign. 

#3 Be in tune with the trend 

Customers are looking for something new every day and it might so happen that you may fail to learn about the recent changes in digital space. This makeup set your brand opposition might be at stake. As a fresher, it might be difficult for you to always keep us checked on what is changing as you may have other responsibilities to take over. 

How to overcome such situations?

Digital marketing is always evolving. There are several changes that go on digital space every now and then. Keeping up to the trend supports your digital marketing strategies. To secure your digital marketing job in Kolkata make sure that you are always updated on the challenges in the digital space and confirm that your strategies and campaigns are in tune to the changes. 

Get in touch with the leading digital marketing institutes to learn tips and tricks and keep yourself updated on the changes in digital space. 

#4 Making use of videos 

Considering the pressing requirement for video campaigns, it can get difficult on your part to satisfy your customer if you are not a video expert. However, even if you by any means manage to create a video but fail to make it successful you know what is waiting for you! 

How to save your reputation? 

To save yourself from such a crisis and save your digital marketing job in Kolkata consider seeking professional classes from the leading digital marketing institutes. 

Need help battling the above-mentioned challenges? 

Get in touch with Academy Busfam and be a digital marketing expert. We let you work on live projects to help you understand the correct way to boost your marketing strategies. We also help you secure a satisfactory digital marketing job in Kolkata and strengthen your future. 

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