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The Best Google Ads Course in Kolkata

Running Google Ads is an integral part of search engine marketing. In fact, businesses that wish to expand their reach and gain eyeballs need to know how to run their ads in the right way. Hence, a course on this topic would be ideal for them. But that’s not all, one can also learn a Google ads course if one wishes to become a digital marketer.

Having said this, where in Kolkata can you study this subject in a hands-on manner? We introduce to you Academy Busfam, a very reputed digital marketing institute in Kolkata. This institute offers a course known as Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Course wherein this subject is taught.

What will you learn from this course? Take a look.

5 Things You Will Learn from the Google Ads Course in Kolkata

Here are 5 things you will learn from the Google Ads Course that Academy Busfam offers course takers.

  • How to Run a PPC Campaign

The first thing you will learn is how to run a Pay-per-click campaign. When a person clicks on your ad only then does your ad budget decrease, this is known as pay-per-click. Academy Busfam will teach you how to run a PPC campaign so that you know the advanced way of how to run a PPC campaign.

  • How to do Keyword Research

The second thing that you will learn from Academy Busfam is to do proper keyword research for the advertisements. The course will teach you which keywords are relevant and which are not, and how you should perform keyword research so that your ads hit the right audience.

  • How to Use Negative Keywords

The course will also expound on negative keywords and how you can use the same. Negative keywords are those that you do not want to rank for and these should be wisely used so that the ad does not end up ranking for keywords you don’t want it to show for.

  • How to Manage Ad Budget

The next thing that Academy Busfam will teach you is to manage the ad budget and dynamically make changes to the running of the ad. If the ad is not performing well, the course will explain what can be done to boost views.

  • How to Write Great Copy For The Ad

Finally, the last thing the course will teach you is how you can write great copy for the ad. Writing copy for the ad is of utmost importance as this is what attracts the viewer to the ad.

In conclusion, a Google ads course is of utmost importance to digital marketers and those who are looking to run the ads for their own business. So join Academy Busfam’s course today!