The Best Digital Marketing Course with Placement from Academy BUSFAM

The Best Digital Marketing Course with Placement from Academy BUSFAM

Digital marketing courses are all the rage in Kolkata, thanks to the increase in the number of jobs that are there for the same.Hence, a range of digital marketing courses has come up to train individuals so that they become job-ready.

However, not all of these courses are good, providing adequate knowledge or even hands-on training.That is why Academy BUSFAM has come up with a brand new idea of a digital marketing course with placements for its course-takers so that they can get jobs as soon as they graduate from the course.

The Best Digital Marketing Course with Placement

In the following sections, we will look at some common questions that most people have with respect to these digital marketing courses.Look at some of the answers.

Can a digital marketing course land you a job?

This is probably the first question on every candidate’s mind.Will I land a job as soon as I complete the course? Now, the answer to this is nuanced.Academy BUSFAM offers jobs only to those candidates that are promising.

What does this mean? It means the candidate should have sincerely attended the classes without exception, then they should have passed all the tests that are held and finally, they should have cleared the Google Certification.Once they do this, they are eligible for a job with BUSFAM or Webicorp which are sister companies of Academy Busfam.Hence, in conclusion, a digital marketing course with placement is available with Academy Busfam.

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What Are the Advantages of a Course with Academy BUSFAM?

Any course with Academy Busfam has the following advantages.

  • The courses have been designed by leading experts who are already working in the field.
  • The course is designed for direct entry into the job market.Once you complete the course, you will be job-ready.
  • 100% job assistance only for promising students.
  • Hands-on training on live projects.
  • Several doubt clearing sessions are held.

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Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

Digital marketing is not just a great career, it is an excellent career choice for those who are creative and extremely talented in writing, art, ideas and have technical knowledge running Google Ads, Analytics, etc.Hence, creativity plus talent makes this the perfect job option for young people.


  • Academy Busfam’s 100% job assistance course is one-of-a-kind in the city of Kolkata.
  • Promising students can be assured of jobs with the company.

Hence, choose a digital marketing course with placement from Academy Busfam today!