Is Certification Required In Digital Marketing To Secure A Job?

Digital marketing, digital marketing, digital marketing! 

These 2 words have become the most common among people, be it a businessman or a student. 

Needless to say, not just the words that are common but the technique that is in high demand. The need for digital marketing is on a continuous rise due to its advantages. Traditional marketing has taken a step back allowing digital marketing to flourish due to the current scenario. 

Businesses are going online and so are their customers. The rate of reaching a businesses account for through online marketing is comparatively higher then they would have reached via online methods. 

Well, not only businessmen, the need for digital marketing is among students as well. Being the fundamental marketing technique to the future generation, students are always on the hunt to secure a prospective digital marketing job. 

However, there are some factors that prevent them from taking a step ahead into becoming a successful digital marketer. 


Yes, the idea of requiring digital marketing certification in Kolkata has stopped many professionals and students from enrolling with a digital marketing institute in Kolkata. 

But is a certification that necessary?

Let us find out...

Experts say, there are no search terms and conditions where it is mentioned that you would require a certificate and only then can you get a job. All the employers search for in you is creativity, uniqueness, experience, whether you are open to criticism, if you are good in communication and engaging people and if you are flexible enough to change your strategies if the current does not show any result. 

Once you are experienced and knowledgeable enough you should be aware that you have already secured a job and you are just required to find the right company. 

Nevertheless, securing certification has its own advantages. Given below are some of the compelling reasons why you should seek your digital marketing certification in Kolkata. 

  1. It validates your skills 

As mentioned, your skills are crucial to secure satisfactory employment. But how do you think you will be proving your skills? Of course, interviews can reveal it all, having a certificate can confirm the talent you claim to hold. 

Without certification, it might be a little difficult for the employer to evaluate you on the basis of experience and skill. 

When you have a proper document, backed up by well recognised digital marketing certification in Kolkata to support your claims, your employer will just know that you have undergone all the required training and have completed all the necessary assignments that have earned you the certification, confirming your talent and experience.

  1. It widens your freelancing prospects 

You may be among those who do not believe in working a 9-5 job. Well, a digital marketing certification can also widen your freelancing prospects. It might be difficult to convince prospective clients without a certification, once you undergo proper training and have secured the certification your prospective client will for sure hire you. 

When you are working as a freelancer without certification, your client may fear if you know the various digital marketing tools and its platform that you claim to have worked on. Nor they will be confident about the strategies that you claim will be perfect for their domain. 

But having a digital marketing certification in Kolkata will eliminate every fear that might have been affecting your client and your employment. Your certification will communicate your expertise and your professionalism that is most required in the industry. 

  1. Structured learning 

When you enrol yourself for advanced digital marketing certification courses, you get to learn in a structured manner. You undergo intensive and detailed training that it is highly required in the industry. Besides, the opportunity to work on live projects also enhances your skills and understanding. 

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Candidates performing well are chosen to work with the digital marketing team as an intern or employee. 

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  1. Networking opportunities

Securing your digital marketing certification in Kolkata from leading institutes will help you connect with experts and peers that can help you in the long run. These valuable connections signify your credibility and level of proficiency in digital marketing and confirms that you can be a worthy contributor to digital marketing discussions. 

There are absolutely no prerequisites to enrol for the training. Almost anyone, be it a student, professional, housewife or entrepreneur, can apply for advanced digital marketing courses and secure a digital marketing certification in Kolkata 

Are you still waiting?