Academy BUSFAM—The Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata

Academy BUSFAM—The Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata

With the rising demand for digital marketing jobs in India, and the lack of qualified individuals to take them on, BUSFAM, a premier digital marketing company, decided to create a venture called Academy BUSFAM to impart knowledge and practical training in the field.

In this short blog, we will discuss what are some of the important courses this digital marketing training institute in Kolkata offers.All the course modules have been made after a lot of research in order to be relevant and up-to-date.

Courses Offered by Academy BUSFAM


Job Assistance Course​​​​​​​

BUSFAM’s first holistic course is the job assistance course.This course covers the overall details of digital marketing, and at the end of it, you will be able to fully comprehend the subject.Moreover, you will have the necessary hands-on training to fully stand on your own feet as a digital marketer.

At the end of the course, if you are found a promising candidate, Academy BUSFAM will assist you with getting a job.The course modules of the job assistance course are as follows:

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Overview of Digital Marketing Tools
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Optimisation
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Video/YouTube Marketing
Pay Per Click
Google Analytics and FB Pixel Code
Introduction to and Benefits of Local Listing
Google My Business Set-up
Advance Google Local Listing Optimisation
Google Local Guide, GLL ORM Strategy Making
Google Certification


​​​​​​​digital marketing training institute in Kolkata​​​​​​​

Crash Courses

These courses take 48 hours per course and are a concise refresher for those people who have some idea of Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing.Moreover, there is theory and customisable practical classes.

  • Search Engine Ranking (Search Engine Optimisation| Content Creation and Management)
  • Social Media Marketing (Social Media Optimisation| Social Media Management| Social Media Campaign Management| Social Media Catalogue Creation)
  • Graphic Designing (Static | Video for Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms, PSD, AI, Canva, and more)
  • Google My Business
  • PPC (Landing Page Creation| Pay Per Click/Google Ads)


​​​​​​​digital marketing training institute in Kolkata​​​​​​​

Booster courses

These courses are of three months and include theory and practical classes.They are aimed at those who want to boost their knowledge of digital marketing after a gap.

  • Template-based website development Google | WordPress
  • Website based content and graphic creation


Academy BUSFAM hopes that the courses offered by their digital marketing training institute in Kolkata will benefit students as they pursue their careers in the field.Moreover, we encourage students to tell us how they would like their courses customised, as that will help us create a better offering for them.